Our Story

In 1995 Joe was living in Ellingfort Road in a row of squatted houses, as much of Hackney was at that time. At the end of the street there was a warehouse and he used it for storing tools and old bike parts. He started out fixing bikes for his friends and neighbours and eventually built a stockpile of second hand bikes that he started to sell.
Realising there was a need for bicycle repairs in Hackney Joe decided to set up a trade account and with £200 made his first order and opened up to the public doing repairs. Shortly after Robin joined and they moved into the first shop at 210 Mare Street.

They quickly become integral to the burgeoning cycling culture in Hackney becoming a hub for cyclists in the area. Soon they outgrew the original shop and in 2005 moved over the road to the much larger shop at 281 Mare Street.

In late 2015 following a fire in the front of the store we closed for a complete refurbishment. We reopened in our 20th year with a new look, and a few new faces. Using the amazing opportunity to refresh the whole shop all of the staff have been working together on every aspect of the shop from designing the new layout to researching and picking the best new products. All of our staff are passionate about cycling and have an in-depth knowledge of all the latest products and we try and make sure every item in the shop comes with a personal recommendation.